The range of financial services offered to businesses includes three main areas:
· Study and optimization of the second pillar
· Fiscal calculations and advice
· Management advice, investment strategies and business development

swissfinance_service entreprise particuliers_banque investissements

Swissfinance’s neutrality enables us to orientate our clients towards banks and financial institutions matching their profiles best.
The good relations we have with our partners make us also able to serve our clients’ interest by negotiating the most profitable terms.


What are the advantages for business owners?
How to cut costs?

Accounts for self-employed or tailored system for businesses, Swissfinance analyses the market and assists its clients for setting up their accounts.


What amount can I borrow?
What documents do I have to provide?
What interest rate do I have to pay?
Are there any advantages for businesses?

We take care of commercial lending requests by comparing the most recognized institutions in order to guaranty our clients the best offers.


What down payment do businesses need?
At which rate and which duration should I borrow?
What is the fiscal impact on my business?

Swissfinance compares banks, insurance companies, and savings banks to obtain in record time the adequate mortgage for its clients.

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Registered with FINMA as an independent insurance intermediary, we represent our clients’ interests and bring them an added-value.
Swissfinance compares offers from the entire market, then negotiates them directly for the clients.
Swissfinance also gives the opportunity to centralise existing policies which makes it easier to monitor, assess, and adapt the whole portfolio.
Clients’ take advantage of the firm’s independency to save up and optimise their cover.


At which value should I insure my goods? My machines? My tools?
Which risks do I have to cover?
Is there a minimum amount to cover, and is my field covered by all insurance companies?

Each company has its own insurance needs varying according to the company’s structure and sector.
Understanding each firm own business needs, evaluating adequate solutions and setting them up are the 3 fundamental steps of our approach.
Thanks to our expertise we can cut costs and efficiently protect the company’s resources.


Which insurances are compulsory?
How to well protect my employees and executives?
What contributions have to be deducted from my employees’ income?

People’s insurance (accident, group health insurance, profit loss) are crucial in the employer’s management and cost control. They also enable the company to make a difference in the quality of services offered to employees.
Swissfinance compares, negotiates and selects the best offers in the market.


How to gather all my different insurance from different companies?
How to evaluate, modify and remodel my contracts?

Active management of our clients’ policies helps seizing any opportunity thanks to our constant market analysis.
Each document is computerised which simplifies the follow-up and reminder of maturity.
An online secured portal enables the clients to directly access their documents.
Our reactivity enables us to negotiate at all time the best offers from the market.

swissfinance_service entreprise_LPP

The 2nd pillar is a fundamental base of the financial structure of companies. Situation at retirement, death or disablement cover, becoming home owner: options offered by pension funds are various.
Searching and selecting the right fund enables the employer to find the right balance between cost control and quality of services offered to employees.
Swissfinance’s neutrality enables us to assess the current situation and guaranty long term competitiveness.


Which pension fund choosing?
Defined contribution or defined benefits?
How to offer my employees a good retirement plan? Are executive pensions needed?

Swissfinance evaluates and picks the most competitive pension funds given the company’s criteria and field.
Selection of the retirement plan, risk analysis, expected return, reserves requirements and non-obligatory services are as many elements fitting in our complete study of the situation.
Our analyses generate important savings and respect the expectations and the strategy defined by the company.


Quel est l’avantage de recevoir un suivi?
Est-ce intéressant pour mes employés de recevoir des explications quant à leurs couvertures?
Y-a-t-il d’autres sujets qui pourraient les intéresser?

Swissfinance offre un suivi régulier aux dirigeants d’entreprise.
A la demande de l’employeur, l’organisation d’une séance d’informations annuelle pour les collaborateurs est également possible.


What are the advantages of receiving regular reports?
Is it interesting for my employees to have explanations regarding their cover?
What other subjects could interest my employees?

Swissfinance offers a constant follow-up to business managers. On their request, an informative meeting for all the employees can be set up.

swissfinance_service entreprise_création d'entreprise

Launching a business or a subsidiary is an important decision. The structure initially selected will have repercussions in the long run.
From business plan to visual identity, Swissfinance makes its financial, legal and fiscal expertise available to its clients.
Management software and visual identity are also part of the features we develop for our clients.
Thanks to its experience and expertise, Swissfinance enable its clients to quickly have the right settings for developing its activities.


How to start my business efficiently?
What is my edge over the competitors?
What elements should I consider to grow my revenue?

Whatever the field in which our clients operate, our experts analyse the market, the risks, competition and their financial results.
The business plan is thus created to reach maximum success from start.


Increasing its revenue is not the only preoccupation when launching a new business. Administrative and legal aspects must be adequately organised beforehand. Swissfinance takes care of trademark registration, social insurance and mandatory legal deeds.


What brand image do I want?
What strengths to highlight?
Which communication tools to use?

Thanks to our experts in public relations, marketing and design, we offer our clients the best services for their visual identity.
Our experts are available to create visual identity such as logo, website, flyers, app for smartphones etc… Our clients save time, gain credibility and optimise their return on investment.

swissfinance_service entreprise particuliers_fiduciaire

Swissfinance acts as fiduciary for its business clients. We keep the books, prepare and edit tax returns, calculates potential savings and take into account all the criteria affecting the fiscal optimisation of our clients.
With strong experience, our experts provide their savoir-faire in order to add a real value to every client.


How can I make sure my accounting is good?
Which documents should I store?
What control can I maintain if I outsource the accounting of my business?

Keeping the books with professional care is essential for both tax return concerns and financial stability.
General accounting, payroll, closing, social insurance declaration; our experts focus on this job every day.


What are the charges for my tax return?
What documents should I provide?
What period do I have to correct my tax return?

Direct taxation, pre-empt taxation, VAT, stamp for paying a tax, international taxation, capital gain taxation, property transfer taxation: Swissfinance takes care of any fiscal request either for partnerships or join stock companies.


How to optimise my taxation?
Which legal obligations must I take into account?
What are the savings my business is entitled to?

There are numerous questions we can answer and give advice about.
Double taxation, inter-cantonal and international taxation: Swissfinance evaluates the fiscal impacts to account in the business world.


We offer administrative domiciliation services.
Mail inbox, archiving, letters preparation, or accounting; Swissfinance supports its clients administratively.

We have a solution for your business