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The range of financial services offered to our private clients aims at three principal targets:
· In depth study of their financial situation
· Support of their projects by guarantying first class services
· Centralization and management of their wealth to offer regular follow-up

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Swissfinance’s neutrality enables us to orientate our clients towards the banks or financial institutions that suit their profile best.
Our outstanding relationships with our partners help us to serve our clients in the best possible way by negotiating for them the most advantageous conditions.


What are the conditions and documents necessary to open an account?
What are the fees for opening an account?
Which card for which account?
How to choose the right formula?

Current account, savings account, kids account, credit card: Swissfinance analyse the different offers and assist its clients in setting up their accounts.


What amount can I invest and/or deduct from my taxes?
Do I have to make regular payments?
What is the availability of my funds?

Tax savings, retirement, ownership, collateral security, amortisation: the third pillar is a must-have in Switzerland nowadays.
Swissfinance compares and selects the best solutions among the top banking institutions.


What down payment?
At which rate and which duration should I borrow?
How to evaluate my borrowing capacity?
Does retirement have an impact on my mortgage?

Swissfinance compares the different financial institutions in order to obtain in a timely manner the adequate mortgage for its clients’ projects.


What amount can I borrow?
What documents do I need to provide?
What is the best interest rate I can get?

We evaluate loan demands and direct them towards the best financial institutions. Our goal is to bring expected financing at the best conditions.


Which savings account should I select?
How to make safe investments?
Picking funds, companies and fields in which my money is invested?

Savings are a good solution for both gaining financial security and also maintaining or developing wealth.
Depending on the clients’ financial situation, income, risk profile and personal ambitions, Swissfinance selects a first class manager to enable clients to quickly and efficiently reach their goals.

swissfinance_service entreprise particuliers_assurances

Registered with FINMA as an independent insurance intermediary, we represent our clients’ interests and bring them an added-value.
Swissfinance compares offers from the entire market, then negotiates them directly for the clients.
Swissfinance also gives the opportunity to centralise existing policies which makes it easier to monitor, assess and adapt the whole portfolio.
Clients’ take advantage of the firm’s independency to save up and optimise their cover.


How to minimise the cost of health insurance?
What deductible and insurance mode are the best fit for me?
How to get additional covers?

Selection of the firm, selection of the additional covers, deductible, insurance mode, family discounts or solutions for border dwellers: Swissfinance guides its clients towards maximum cover offers at the best prices.


What is the availability of my capital?
What is the difference between 3A and 3B?
What amount can I invest and/or deduct from my taxes?

The 3rd pillar has become more and more essential over the years. It is an easy way to combine several advantages such as a guaranteed capital for retirement, tax savings, family’s financial stability and an easy access to ownership.
Financial plans offered by the different companies are numerous. Swissfinance compares, evaluates and selects the best options among the more specialized firms.
With Swissfinance, our clients have access to the best companies offering life insurance.


What value should I insure and which covers do I need?
Can I insure everything? Which insurance is inevitable?
How can I have a legal cover at a lesser cost?

The most recognized insurance companies trust Swissfinance which enables us to operate in all of the following areas: car insurance, public liability, home insurance, precious belongings insurance, legal protection, building insurance, electronic insurance, animals insurance…
Swissfinance compares, negotiates and selects the best offers.


How to gather all my different insurances from different companies?
How to evaluate, modify and remodel my contracts?

Active management of our clients’ policies helps seizing any opportunity thanks to our constant market analysis.
Each document is computerised which simplifies the follow-up and reminder of maturity.
An online secured portal enables the clients to directly access their documents.
Our reactivity enables us to negotiate at all time the best offers from the market.

swissfinance_service particuliers_immobilier

In Switzerland or in neighbouring countries, Swissfinance operates principally in buying, selling, renting and financing of properties.
Thanks to our network we can efficiently link buyers, sellers, owners and tenants.
Swissfinance enhances all the ingredients leading to a real estate project.


What estate can I afford?
How to examine with certainty the value of the property I want to buy?
What are the related costs to the purchase?

Becoming home owner diversifies and increases our clients’’ wealth.
After selecting properties matching our clients’ criteria, our experts take care of every step, from the first visit to signing the mortgage deed.
Property hunting, file preparation, solvency and fiscal impact calculations, estate assessment, interest rates’ negotiation: our expertise for a fast and effective acquisition.


What is the value of my property?
How to promote the sale?
What is the fiscal impact of the sale? Are there any taxes on the profit?

Selecting the right partner for selling an estate is primordial.
Swissfinance takes care of everything to speed up our clients’ property promotion.
We organise the property’s assessment then present it to our network. Swissfinance offers potential buyers the possibility to quickly set up an agreement.


What documents do I need to provide?
How can I make sure my application will go through for the flat I would like?
How to fund my guarantee?

We hunt future homes for our clients among our numerous partners. We guarantee a high quality result in record time.

swissfinance_service entreprise particuliers_fiduciaire

Swissfinance acts as fiduciary for its private clients.
We prepare and edit tax returns, calculate potential tax savings, and take into account every criteria impacting our clients’ fiscal optimisation.
With strong experience, our experts provide their savoir-faire in order to add a real value to every client.


What is the cost of filling my tax return?
How long do I have to correct my tax return?
What are the tax savings I am entitled to?

From basic to the most complex, our experts edit any tax return on time at the best conditions.


Should I fill in a quasi-resident form?
What tax savings are offered to border dwellers?
Am I under double taxation?

Numerous questions surface when it comes to cross-border taxation. Tax deducted at source or quasi-resident tax return: we calculate and determine what is the most advantageous solution, then accompany our clients along the different administrative steps.


How to optimise my taxes?
Which marriage settlement should I choose?
How to minimise the fiscal impact on my wealth?

We offer our advice and expertise in many areas. Ownership, taxation according to marital status, inheritance, wealth tax: Swissfinance evaluates the impacts of taxation.

swissfinance_service particuliers_administration

In addition to the financial services offered by Swissfinance, we offer our clients complete and high quality administrative services capable of taking care of any specific request.
Our clients’ situation evolves, it’s therefore important for Swissfinance to be able to bring them a professional support and a continuous follow up.
Our administrative department, our accountants, legal advisers and lawyers are available to our clients.


We bring at all time assistance, support and legal advice.
Our private clients can address our legal experts for editing their sales contract, rental contract, mandate or any other request.


What are the procedures when going abroad or for a simple move?
What are the procedures for newcomers in Switzerland?
What allowances am I entitled to?

A simple change can lead to many administrative procedures and accompanying questions.
Going abroad, moving out, giving birth, house buying, applying for subsidy or family allowance: we accompany our clients for every procedure.
We also make our external partners available (doctors, schools, sports clubs, garages…) to Switzerland newcomers.

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